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The Player In Training

The analysis of current trends has shown that while it is vital to address the psychological aspects in order to reach the highest level of football, basic football training must not be neglected.

Sport in general and football in particular today play an important educational role through the process of training youngsters.

Football training should not only offer the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for the game itself, but should take a holistic approach, also developing young people’s personal and social skills.

Performance Ability

Physiological and physical qualities – Psychomotor skills

– Coordination skills – Technical-tactical qualities – Tactical skills – Mental and cognitive qualities Personality – Personality (type of player, type of person) – Reasons for playing – Developing the mentality of a professional – Social attitudes – Sense of responsibility – Team spirit – Spirit of fair play

Social And Environmental Factors

– Team spirit, identification with club, selflessness and cooperation

– Relationship between parents, training centre and players – Coach-player relationship – Relationships between players

– Hobbies, cultural interests and social life

– Personal preparation: • sporting culture • healthy lifestyle • mental health • balance of private life and sporting life

• resisting cheating

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