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The Instructor-Trainer

The Methodology of Training

Training on the pitch, planning, coaching and evaluation are the main parts of the time that the instructor spends with his players.

During training sessions, the pitch can resemble a stage in a theatre, with actors preparing for their roles. The pitch is therefore a place of intense work where the players learn the football skills they need to develop.

Training sessions are part of the education process: training means learning to exert and correct oneself, regardless of the player’s level or experience, as there are always educational training phases (new technical and tactical skills, new tactical situations depending on the opponents). This is why it is important to stay as effective as possible thanks to:

– Written preparation of the content and organisation of the session

– Transmission of methodological principles

– The relationship between the coach, the individual players and the team

– The coach’s animation

– The quality of the instructions/coaching

Preparation and organisation of a session:

– The objectives of training

– The choice of session type (focus on technique / technique and tactics / physical fitness, etc.)

– The structure of the session (three phases)

– The choice of educational methods (global, analytical) and training methods (continuous, interval, circuit, etc.)

– Finding the ideal balance between effort and recuperation

– Individualisation

– The choice of materials and equipment

– The organisation and preparation of the pitch

– Evaluation and testing of skills

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