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Technical actions in game situations

Develop and improve

– The technical qualities of defence and attack in a game situation

Cognitive skills (tactical awareness), individual tactical behaviour

– Rapid transitions from defence to attack and vice versa

– Change in pace

– The tactical relationship between the players and the lines

– Playing in zones, based on tactical understanding

– Being able to read the game and the culture of the game

Training methods

– Real games of 2v1, 4v4, 5v4 and 9v9

Real-game situations and actions, with change of pace

– Exercises with varied game situations to improve concentration and cognitive qualities

– Progressive repetitive exercises without an opponent or with a passive opponent, then active or semi-active with match intensity; try to increase speed of execution

– Game, exercise, game format

– Vary size of pitch for the same formation

– Games with numerical advantage or disadvantage

– Boost players’ confidence, promote risk-taking

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