Tactical Aspects

Alongside technique, the tactical aspect and game awareness have proved to be decisive factors for good team performance. This means that it is important to develop a culture of tactical thinking from a young age, for example:

· Awareness of playing zones

· Principles of zonal play

· Occupying the pitch appropriately

· Finding a balance in the team between attack and defense

· The idea of transition: immediate reorganization in defense after loss of possession and quickly launching attacks when possession is regained

· Optimal use of the width of the pitch

· Optimizing wing play

· Ability to effectively put pressure on the player in possession

But also: – The ability to keep the ball, even under pressure, by short passes with a minimum number of touches of the ball and in reduced space

· Switching rapidly from zonal marking to a one-on-one situation

· The ability to change formation during the course of a match

In order to do this, the coach needs to:

· Propose a game plan

· Define the tactical principles depending on whether the team has possession or not

· Continually refer to these principles in every training session, both with simple exercises and repetitive drills or by practical application in different training games

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