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Players have to keep their thinking time to an absolute minimum because opponents cause them all manner of problems. It is in this direction that football, which is now all about playing as a team, will continue to develop in the future. Speed is acceptable and desirable when it is allied to technical precision, or technique on the move.

The need for speed must not lead to any hint of haste or mistakes.

After all, what use is speed if a player can run quickly but not control the ball? Why rush if you don’t know which direction to go or how?

In football, the word “speed” can be deceptive.

It is better to talk about “acceleration”, which is closer to the truth in football: learn to control the ball, work as part of a finely tuned team game and then, all of a sudden, stun your opponent with decisive and unexpected bursts of acceleration that will catch your opponent off guard because it is a break from the norm.

It is therefore better to talk about “fast mental reflexes”, because such reflexes are at the root of all types of speed.

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