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No Progress Without Feedback

Behaviour of the coach:

– Pay attention

– Stay true to the selected objectives (if the objective is to work on defensive play, the trainer comments on the defensive work)

– Move around the pitch (range of actions)

– Animate the action, motivate the players – Observe – Stimulate – Correct

Interventions of the coach:

– When and how to intervene? (global vision of action, then specific vision)

– When to correct? (immediately, after observation time?)

– What means of correction?

• words

• gestures

• direct engagement

– Involve the player(s):

• recall the stated objective

• focus on the problem(s)

• question the player(s), listen to them

• encourage cooperation

– Repeat the explanation, demonstration and execution of the training activity (combination, game, exercise)


– Do not focus on too many mistakes at the same time

– Focus on the essential (which can lead to immediate success)

– Do not be too aggressive, especially in exercises focusing on psychomotor skills

– Address the whole team or the player(s) concerned

– Be convincing, fair and precise

– Reinforce positively

– Give confidence while being persuasive

– Vary the tone of voice in comments

– Encourage players to evaluate themselves Every intervention calls for improvisation, imagination.

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