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Chameleon Football

Today, I will be writing about how football has changed over time and how we must have “chameleon” characteristics in order to keep up with the changes and adapt successfully at any period of time. I will only focus on two changing aspects: Technology and Flexible Systems.


Football players must possess the ability to adapt, and develop in order to continue to deliver results in a fast changing football era. In today’s era, it seems like football has taken a more scientific approach in which research and analysis are predominant to develop young players.

Flexible systems

All teams at the elite level are well organized in their systems, however, we are starting to observe that the system of play forms the basic structure from which a team can evolve. As coaches we must adapt and apply flexibly systems so that players can flourish and fulfil their potential.

For that reason, FC Odisea tries to find the perfect balance between having clearly recognizable systems and strategies that allow players a certain amount of freedom to take individual initiative and display creativity.

We train our players so they have the ability as a team to act with intelligence and flexibility by modifying tactics depending on the situation in the game, if we add to this the right mindset, technical ability and physical readiness, they are all key elements of success as a team in today’s world.

Javier Alcarria Odisea Sports Management, Founder & CEO

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